Monday, 23 July 2018

Camped Out (Request Winner)

"Group of boys go skinny dipping, Futa girls & moms see them while camping, Futa girls & moms decide to steal clothes from the boys and invite them into their camper. From there things get wild."

Finally I have something new to post here.

This ended up taking place on a campsite rather than in a camper, because I had never heard the word "camper" outside of online fps games before and assumed it meant campsite in this context.

The summer heat has been hell lately. I've been tired, sweaty and uncomfortable. Fuck summer.


  1. Might've been referring to a camper van or RV like the one in roadtrip.

  2. Incredible! :D

  3. No air conditioning??

    Anyway, I'd love to see an alternate page P3 that brought all the futa girls hiding in the tents in page P2 to join in on the action.

    1. The most I can do is open a window.

      The comic almost featured an even larger number of people, including a fifth boy in the group, and the very last panel would have been a second round of futa fucking them all, but I have to hold back sometimes or a single project will take forever.

  4. Amazing! I've not seen you draw cumflation since waaay back in the Temple of Morning Wood where the centaurs cumflated some of their prisoners. Thank you for bringing this theme back, you do it so well and the resulting bellies look fantastic! x

  5. Replies
    1. For this it was Photoshop CS2, but I've since switched to Clip Studio Paint.