Monday, 30 April 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6 (April Update)

Here's some book reading, incest, stealth cunnilingus, and world building. I've been introducing little details as I think of them and opportunities arise rather than in a planned manner and in order of importance. For example, the town still has not been named (!), in part because I haven't settled on a name, but also because it sort of hasn't come up. This character and the centaurs help me out a lot by being outsiders with questions though.

More colour panels when relevant.

Also there's some foreshadowing here that will not make sense until several chapters later.


  1. Hello, there is nothing in this chapter 6, it does not look like the first 5 chapters, it's a shame.

    1. It's only 15 pages in. There's plenty to come in the way of dickgirls, all the way through, yaoi, centaurs, incest, etc. but they might be a few updates away.

    2. Thank you for your answer, it's just my opinion, I hope I did not get upset but for example with the goddess with both penises, it was better

  2. It's so tame compared to some of the latest TotMW chapters lol. Not a bad thing. I've always really liked the stealth sex in public stuff. Looks good.

  3. Hello, my name is Vanessa Wilson and together with a friend we love your work!
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  4. Nice to see all the people who like your arts NIP , and very nice to let Akko traduce your arts in a blog you are awesome !

  5. Another great start and beautiful artwork; I love that fact he’s under the table lapping at his mother, very erotic and made me cum!

  6. Your very talented but im just here for the centaurs, do you know when there will be more scenes with them?

  7. Concerning the name of the town:
    From page 78 of Chapter 4, it looks like the town is situated about a hundred feet or so from a river, nestled next to a mountain range, and also opens out onto some grassy plains. The art style reflects a Greek-inspired design, as well. Assuming the view is directed northward, that would indicate that sunrises would be long, slow affairs, giving plenty of time for early risers and perfect for morning wood.
    The fact that it was a center of worship for the Goddess could be a factor in the name too, as well as the possibility that the name was changed after she was sealed. Also, given the theme of snakes being associated with her, there's that too.
    Given the mix of factors, here are some names:
    Light's Home
    Ruby Waters (sunrise + river)
    Kirkhurst (derived from Gaelic, "church hill")
    Ophida (derived from Greek "ophidian", meaning snakelike)
    Dracohurst (derived from "draconian", meaning dragonlike)

    1. Looks like you've done some thinking and even research on this, I appreciate that.

      I'll try to figure out the names myself though. :)