Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Spa's Up Your Life

"Fuck Boytoy Spa for futas of all ages"

Bonus pick from a request lottery from some time ago. I tried to add some subtle textures to the environment as a means of adding a sense of detail and rather like the result. Sometimes I worry my art has too clean a look to it, but I also don't want to rush in the opposite direction and end up with everything looking grimy. This amount should be fine.

I really do enjoy these casual public use settings, no matter the sexes involved even.


  1. Yeah the casual setting is always great. This is definitely the kind I prefer too, futas using them boys. I especially like the idea in the 2nd panel of the futa basically using the boy as furniture while getting massaged.

  2. I think it looks great, as always! The futas look fantastic, the boys are so cute, the setting really does have some life to it, and I love how you do dialogue and sounds. You have an amazing talent!

  3. Michael Kirwan's the king of funky. I admire the kind of total freedom he gives his characters. They're smelly, hairy, working-class Joes making their own living, totally at ease with their sexuality. And here's a cute one by Kirwan: http://www.kirwanarts.com/images/galleriesmen/MK-1049_camp-counselor-500x700.jpg

  4. A lot of your stuff is casual rape isnt it?