Monday, 19 February 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6

It begins anew!

This time around, it's 5 pages a month (at least for now), because I need to limit how much time I spend on it so other projects don't suffer. This should be a somewhat shorter chapter than the fifth one. It should also look better, because although I am scaling down on the layers of shading to just the one, everything is much more detailed and I know better how I want all the characters to look.

I'll be posting the comic here on the blog around the end/beginning of each month, as usual.

(This is the February update, meaning the next one will be at the end of March)


  1. Ooh nice,really looking forward to this.

  2. Man, Cassandra's really nursing that grudge. She still gets to be a terrifying stoic leader, but in a resentful kind of way.
    If there isn't a single scene of Anatolius trying to get her to lighten up, I will be shocked.

  3. If that curly-haired boy in the last panel is who I think he is, "Oh fuck" is right, since I'm sure he's looking to get all the way inside her XD!

  4. The temple of morning wood miss me so much, I love it. I ask me sometimes if I am the only girl who like that ^^

  5. Yeah ! Come Back^^

    Can you tell us when (more or less), we'll see Anatolius and his mother "do IT again" ? :-P (with his father joining them, I hope so :D ) I am so impatient^^

    And another question. In the last page of today, who are fucking behind the bushes ? :o (characters already met previously or random characters ? I think that one of them is a dickgirl)

    1. Anatolius and Monisa will definitely be doing it in this chapter, and the two characters in the middle panel are just a random couple.

  6. Would really like to see some villagers (preferably futa) trying out centaur forms on the real centaurs (preferably male) at some point. Regardless, good job and thanks for the effort you put into this stuff!