Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Aliens Up the Ass

"A group of boys get abducted by futa space aliens, who proceed to 'probe' them."

And they were probed happily ever after.

Bonus pick from a Request Lottery (uploaded on the Patreon a week ago, in larger resolution). I decided to go for a relatively weird design for the aliens and ended up liking them quite a bit.

EDIT: I must have been tired when I posted this originally. It was not the lottery winner, it was a bonus pick.


  1. Okay, those are the cutest damn aliens I have ever seen! I hope I get probed. :)

  2. are those balls under the dicks? If so thems some tiny testicles mang...

  3. Holy shit please keep this going

  4. Futa is very good

  5. please continue a similar story .... I fell in love with the alien ones