Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Like the Average Stalker

"A futa stalking a boy finally gets him, but the boy knew and was completely undisturbed. Next panel is the girl happily fucking the boy, who just looks bored."

Another bonus request I finally got around to drawing. This poor guy just wanted to eat his ice cream in peace.


  1. Ambush! And from his face something tells me that this is not the first time that happens XD

  2. I'm surprised he saved the cone.

  3. "...look, Heather," Roy began as her cock lanced inside of him for what was becoming the third minute in a row, "I like you. I like you a lot, and I just... I don't want to be the bad guy here."
    Heather's throat rumbled a thick, needy whimper. "Oh-oh-oh-oh yes, yes! Oh, your asshole feels so good! You'resohotyou'resohot it's... Oh, fuck, you're gripping me so tight, you're soooooooo soft it's like my cock is in heaven, mmmmmmm..."
    "See, that's what I want to talk about," Roy barreled on. "I thought you were with Harry."
    "Mmm, oh, fuck Henry! His asshole is like cold sandpaper next to your hot hole, oh God I LOVE your asshole..."
    "But that's all, isn't it? Heather, you know why I broke up with you?"
    Heather shifted her left hand away from Roy's hair, snaking down to his exposed penis. She cuddled it in her hand, kneading it like a lump of soft clay. "Mmm, yeah, you wanted me to put this little toy in me, didn't you, you filthy little pervert? Yeah, I know that look, you wanted to _fuck me_ like a bitch in heat, didn't you?"

    1. "No, actually." Roy sighed. "What gave you that idea?"
      Heather thrust into him a little sharper. "All boys wanna try it from the other end," she declared, with a hint of a growl creeping into her voice. "I'm a girl *with a cock,* and I wanna focus on the *cock*, not the girl." She twisted her grip on Roy, her cockskin grinding against his bowels.
      "I don't particularly care for the girl, either!" Roy snapped. "She never listened. You were *always* a bitch, Heather, always making me feel like shit!"
      Heather ground into him even harder. "Oh? Even when I'm pushing your shit into your ass so nice it makes you sing?"
      Roy shot her the best glare he could manage. "That stopped feeling good when you drilled me every single day! I didn't want to get fucked in the ass every day of junior year, but that didn't fucking stop you!"
      Heather nibbled his ear, and purred, "You *begged* for it, and you LOVED it, bitch."
      "One time, five years ago! And you never fucking stopped! I wanted it to just END!"
      "OH, BOO HOO!" Heather shouted as she pumped him three brutal times. "Life isn't fair, you little shit! You don't get everything you want!"
      She let go.
      Roy plummeted to the ground face-first.

    2. Roy flailed in the air, scraping his elbows as he flung his arms up to break his fall. The tip of his nose pressed painfully into the ground as a jolt raced up his forearm.
      Doubled over on top of his trunks, Roy wondered if he was going to cry.
      "That." His own voice sounded hollow in his ears. "That's why I left you, you fucking sadist."
      A hissing gasp sounded from above him.
      Silence filled the air.
      "You don't know what a sadist *is*," Heather murmured. "I'll make you hurt, you little shit, I'll show you a sadist."
      Roy felt toes glide over his balls.
      "If you're still there when I look up, I'm calling the cops."
      Heather's foot stopped as her toes touched the crest of his buttocks.
      Silence again.
      "You fucking faggot shit. You'll never fuck anyone half as pretty as me ever again, and no one's ever gonna want your loose, scratchy asshole on their cock. Go suck a bleeding diseased shitcock, because only a gross fat ugly shitcock will ever want to fuck you, you fucking ugly ass faggot bitch!"
      "Must be why you keep crawling back."
      "OOOOOOHHHHH BURN!" yelled a random pedestrian.
      "Thanks," Roy replied.