Thursday, 30 November 2017

Fine Futa Farm

"Newly hired young man at futa cow farm shown his new duties and how many ways he can milk them with his body alone."

Bonus pick, with larger versions on the Patreon as usual.

There were some additional details added to this request, including centaurs and the all-the-way-through in the extra page, and it was fun to get an opportunity to do something with those fetishes again. I'd really like to get back to Temple of the Morning Wood early next year...


  1. That's the sexiest sexy to ever sex its way across my screen. Hottest concept EVER and needs a full story.

    1. Looks like it's in the making! Ha

  2. OMG, that last panel is glorious, but great job all around!

  3. Very nice work and colors , can you please color the bonus page ? Can’t wait to see the next art ;)

  4. Yes, you should get back to Temple of the Morning Wood. You gotta keep your creative juices flowing!

  5. This short farm comic kinda makes me think it's like a spinoff of Temple of the Morning Wood comic but set in the far far future. XD

  6. Wow. Love tthis comic. Pleasevmake more about thist farm. That is my dream job