Saturday, 11 November 2017

A Hard Lesson

"Male Student forgot to do his Homework, Futa Teacher punishes him with a Doggy in Front of the Class, Futa Girls are enjoying this, one cums on his face."

A request that gave me the opportunity to draw something in a school environment once again. Stern dickgirl teachers <3


  1. Holy ! of course the last art was soft when we see this one , but it’s just so awesome , please continue the arts about school

  2. XD The best porn is when make horny AND happy XD

  3. fuck this is so great please i want more

  4. Wow your drawings are amazing!!! I love them so much, and I wish they were real!! I hope you don't mid me asking, but how did you get into drawing futanari? And how did you get so good? I wanna be a futanari artist one day, and you are my #1 inspiration!!

    1. Thanks :)

      Hentai like NeWMen's Secret Plot Deep and Ogami Wolf's Super Taboo played perhaps the biggest part in introducing me to the appeal of futanari (and incest, in the case of the latter) in the early days of the internet.

      How to get good at drawing is a really big question, but one thing I think really helps is comparing a lot of artists' different styles, picking out the parts you like and trying to imitate those. Over time you develop your own style as you settle on particular ways to draw eyes, mouths, cocks, etc. and get a better eye for proportions and anatomy.

      Also draw a lot, of course!

  5. If the boy forgets his homework one more time, he gets sent to the principal's office.

    Not sure if I'll find the time to draw that though.