Saturday, 7 October 2017

Date! Shower Begins


Monthly Patreon art for August (larger resolution there). Posted a week ago.

I'm not sure how many pages the shower will end up with, but it's at least a couple.


  1. Aha 1st and now another continuation of our favorite drama series "my girlfriend is a Futanari" (copyright).

  2. Man, you've been cranking out the comics here lately and they've all been great. Not always my favorite stuff but even the stuff that isn't is still good. I enjoy the dynamic you have of all the females being a bit more forceful but the guys still enjoying it. The older matriarchy using whoever they want but especially the younger generation whether they be boy or futa is great as well. Just awesome stuff man.

    Now we just need this guy to take care of his date's needs and then eventually get sptiroasted by mom and daughter ;)

  3. U should make the comics like totmw

  4. I wanna see the mom fuck the boyfriend n the daughter catches her n is like wuteva n joins