Monday, 4 September 2017

The Subtle Way

Another quickie I threw together this morning.

Basically a revisit of this scenario from a drawthread request in /d/ way back in 2013 (!):


  1. Hope he take the point;)

  2. That low-left corner in the first pic (the new one)...
    Ever been interested in drawing a futa on male situation with the guy in a chastity cage, NiP??

  3. I could see this turning into a stupid sitcom focusing on the mom's sexcapades. The kid is kind of in the background, just dealing with the situations that keep popping up. The main emotional arc of the series is the mom trying to connect with her son, despite the mom only really thinking about sex. The mom has relationships, meets new people, moves house, and just generally fucks shit up. And the kid's always moving something into the house, like boxes of bungee cables and horse-riding equipment, always excusing it because "I'm holding on to it for a friend."
    Then one day the mom walks in.
    The kid's in lingerie.
    "Oooh, mama~, you look fine today."
    They go to embrace, mom's cock throbbing so hard it tears through her skirt -
    And she wakes up. She gets up, walks through the house, and by sheer luck finds her son's sex dungeon, well-stocked, well-occupied and full of items he'd been moving in throughout the show.


    She confronts him about it when he gets home, he comes out as dom, and they snuggle. In the last minute or so, the kid announcing, "I got you something a couple days back. Of course, you weren't quite ready for it then." He rushes into his sex dungeon, feeds the panther (did I mention he's isolated one guy in an enclosure with a horny panther?), and brings out a black leather collar.
    The episode ends with her sliding it around her neck. Just before it clasps, it cuts to black and we hear the clasp, followed by a seductive gasp.
    "Mmmm... It's perfect."
    "I know. ...I love you, Mom."

  4. This would make for a great comic. At least a short series. hint, hint. ;)