Monday, 4 September 2017


"A boy uses his special x-ray, smell-o-vision nose to detect and locate the smelliest futa cocks to suck."

Winner of the July request lottery on my Patreon, where it was uploaded, in much larger resolution, a week ago.

Comics like these always take more time than I anticipate when I start working on them, but they're fun to do.


  1. I love that one ! But NIP can you continue "the penetrating lecture" ? I like your arts and i'm always impatient to see what you are going to do , next keep going this way ! ;)

  2. I love it - such a different idea, but so much fun

  3. Great job. I love a smelly cock blowjob.

  4. I love they boy's permanently-pursed, cocksucking lips. Such a great touch and so hot!

    1. I was trying a different look for the lips. Glad it worked.

  5. When are you going to update Family Duties?

  6. This has been my greatest NiP hit in terms of getting notice/love from my tumblr followers. 400 notes ('likes' & re-blogs) in the 2 weeks since it was posted. 3 times the average number of notes received by a NiP image/comic. 99% of the credit goes to the genius work of NiP but I also pride myself on having proposed the original general idea in the Patreon lottery. Hopefully, this will translate into more $$$ being pledged on Patreon to support the richly deserving NiP.