Monday, 11 September 2017

Riled Ranma Roughly Rammed Rectally

Oh no! Girl Ranma's dad caught him in the full nelson position! It's an instant loss!

I've been meaning to do more Ranma ½ for a while, and there's more coming pretty soon. I'm thinking blowjobs, maybe some pegging.

These pictures were saved by limiting the .png to 4 colours and picking the "perceptual" and "no dither" options in Photoshop CS2, which is what gives them this particular look. A filter could probably achieve the same effect though.


  1. Would you ever consider doing more Mr & Mrs Dickinson?

    Picture this... The boy and his parents are at a parent-teacher conference with maybe the Futanari teacher from your "on the art of Motivation" comic. They're all sat around a table discussing the sons "performance" etc. He's on the floor beneath the table deepthroating one of them while giving handjobs to the other two at the same time, face, hair and mouth full of cum.

    Best parent-teacher conference, ever.

    1. While not that exact scenario, some of my upcoming drawings will feature the "blowjobs under the desk" fetish.

    2. Awesome, I look forward to it. Not that I don't love everything you do anyway.