Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Pet Shop Boys

These are from an old request in a /d/rawthread, I believe. File data says they're from February 2014.

Posting them here now because I just uploaded a sequel to Patreon.

EDIT: By which I mean, it's available for patrons, and will be posted for everyone else on the blog and Hentai Foundry in a week or so.


  1. I love these. This is still a favorite among your scenarios, and I'd *love* to see a sequel on the Patreon.

  2. "There's plenty of time to enjoy ourselves" *sigh*

  3. I can't find it on Patreon. Do you have a link, please?

  4. You have a style like no other, and I love it. I just wish there was a print collection I could have on the shelf to linger over whenever I like. :)