Thursday, 27 July 2017

Temple of the Morning Wood (August Update Part 1)

Early update!

This is so very close to being completed that I don't want to wait until the end of the next month to post the next part. As soon as I have another 10 pages completed they will be up on the blog.

Here near the end of the project it's really hit me how much better just tracing the horse parts of the centaurs would have been, both for the immediate art quality and the speed at which I would improve at them.

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  1. Where is Anatolius and his mother ? :-(

    Sorry to be so impatient, but I'm a huge fan of this two charaters (Anatolius for his monster cock and his mom for her sexiness ^^'). And I'm curious To know what the father look like (and what's gonna happen with all of them.)

    1. Most of next chapter will be about them, but we won't necessarily see the father very soon.

      I might end up drawing them before that though, in some stand alone images.

  2. one guy sill has no cock, give the guy a break!!!

  3. I predict :

    Giant goddess for the part 2.

    The centaurs will be over, I think :P

  4. i cant tell you how much i love this story
    found it on and man the story the details the care to redo a minor detail but to redo it right (kinda torn on the potion Vs the berry tbh)
    but dude
    the sences are hotter then the sun and the story
    fuck here i am gushing about a fuckign story and its a god damn dirty mange hentai XD
    but for real tho ITS SOO FUCKING GOOD
    and the setting to me makes it MORE belivible like legit almost makes me think an anchent greek wrote this shit no lie
    im torn on the art style
    i do love it i really do.... but its BECUASE its THIS particular artstyle that makes me torn
    getting a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL strong Steven Univer vibe about it
    so much so that the sex goddess( she needs a proper name please?) dead ass looks like rose quarts at times EVEN DOWN TO ACTIONS AND DEMEANOR NO JOKE i love it but my bonner and my head are just a tad confused
    Much love

    1. Why thank you. I'm always glad to hear that it's to someone's liking.

      About the potion being changed into a berry, mainly I didn't like how foolish it made Anatolius seem to just drink something so obviously suspicious, and also the vial felt too much like it belonged in a regular fantasy setting instead. In the remade version he's being tricked through no fault of his own.

      For the record I've never watched Steven Universe, so any resemblance to a character in that show is purely coincidental. I don't remember what other characters inspired her look since it was many years ago, but I'm pretty sure the hair was mostly from Emi Isuzu in Tenjou Tenge.

      The goddess will get a name if I actually figure out what it should be, haha.

    2. well heres what i mean by the art style i understand completely what you mean by its a just so happens dealio

      even still the likeness is a bit striking
      tho i've always liked the idea of hair haveing powers like that and its good use of such mythos