Friday, 19 May 2017

Priorities Pt.3

(Better resolution (1700 x 1403) on Patreon)

Monthly Patreon art for April, following up from this. There will be more.

I think I've figured out the best way to maintain productivity for me, and it is to have at least two projects going at any one time, so I can switch between them and keep drawing instead of just taking a break completely. Three projects at once can also work, but any more and I tend to forget and eventually abandon at least one of them.


  1. Oh come, let him join in on the fun. I'm sure he would love it (eventually).

  2. Good plan, Nippery-dude. Stay fresh, stay active.

  3. I guess between the CYOA, Temple of the Morning Wood, and the monthly Patreon art and requests you sorta have three projects going? I guess it depends on how you personally identify what a project is.

    I'm with the anonymous dude, if this series continues now would be a great time to get him in on the fun too. ;)

    Keep being awesome NiP!

  4. Futamom is always your best stuff. The mom stealing the daughters boyfriend is just great.

  5. I'm going to add a few more parts leading up to the scene seen here:
    but after that, who knows where things are headed? :)

    1. God bless you!

      And I forgot there's a sister! If he's not ready for a threesome, then maybe a foursome to ease him in hehe

    2. How about 'introducing' the boyfriend to the family, one spectacularly hung Futa at a time? :D