Thursday, 9 March 2017

Family Fun at the Beach

"Man getting spitroasted by his futa wife (in his mouth) and futa daughter (in his ass)."

Winner of last month's request lottery. I guess it's up to interpretation if they're doing this in full view of other people or in a secluded part of the beach.

(larger version on Patreon)


  1. Wonderful tableau and very fap-worthy. The girl's balls look a little weird, though. They hang too low and are too prominent. The MILF cocksucking part is totally hot, though. Love the mother's lush female body, the wide hips, the fleshy thighs spread nice and wide and relaxed for total enjoyment of her husband's avid and obediently sucking mouth.

  2. The daughter's a bit blasé. Maybe his butt is a bit loose and slack from too much double-penetration?

    I'd like to see a version of this where the daughter was really into it. Have her legs spread further apart, be hunched over forward a bit, her hips thrust forward, her ass cheeks clenched, her hands visibly grabbing her dad's butt/hips from the side. A glimpse of her balls could then be more easily shown in a more realistic fashion. Motion lines would not be needed, after all she is just getting started. Guess I'll make this my next request lottery submission.

    The cocksucking part really got my motor running the other day and started a great jack session that ended with an truly epic cummy. Beautiful. Thank you Nobody I.P. and thank you Jesus.

    1. I second this constructive critique. It's an enticing prospect, no?