Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Temple of the Morning Wood (February Update)

While this is a larger number of pages than last month, it's certainly not as many as I had intended.

Anyway, next update should feature one of the highlights of the whole chapter.

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  1. yeah... totally not a trap there

  2. Things are getting really interesting now. Can't wait til the next update comes.

  3. Was hoping Nikandros would get a pussy in his horse side...

  4. The face Melina made when she touched that nerve cluster thing is priceless.

  5. Love that devious smile on the last two centuars...

  6. Okay, this opens up a world of possibilities here. Makes me wonder how the whole "flexibility" thing she referred to earlier can come into play.

    On that note, are we going to see more variations of what she did to the priestesses or similarities to the guy she momentarily "ate" in the previous chapter? I'm going to be honest and say that it gave me the strangest turn on. And it has left me rather curious too.

    1. I actually wanted to include that same guy asking for his reward (since back in chapter 4 the goddess promised he could go back inside) right before Goteh came back to check on them, but ended up just moving on with the story instead. Maybe it will still happen later, we'll see.

  7. WONDERFUL! I'd like to see less talk and more "understanding" (ie leave little clues to make it clear to the reader, rather than explain it directly).
    Synopsis is the key word XD order [But I know it is not easy, so take my words for what they are, just opinions of a Fan :)]

  8. I wonder if anyone will choose to remain a centaur? It might be an advantage having them in that form to protect the village. I hope that the trio of new centaurs will have a chance to try out their new forms on each other.