Monday, 13 February 2017

Saddle Down

Bonus pick from last month's request lottery, "Centaur Rides at the county fair".

(Larger version on Patreon)

I've been getting antsy about actually finding the time to work on the TotMW chapter lately. Previously it's been reserved for after the other monthly projects are finished, but because I really want to make sure there are at least a certain amount of pages completed before the beginning of next month, I'm going to focus on the comic right now.


  1. YOu owe it to yourself and to everyone else to re-charge your magic batteries, dude. Go on and draw 30 TotMW pages!

  2. Damn it, Nobody!
    This is a huge spoiler for Temple of the Morning Wood! Now I can't enjoy it anymore!
    Sarcasm aside, it does bear consideration. Assuming this picture is the eventual fate of the centaur race (since they seem to have the same biology as the TotMW centaurs) opens up the question of whether or not any of your pictures exist in continuity of some kind. Assuming the Snake Goddess - let's face it - is probably going to win, the entire theme of a sexually-expressive, hermaphrodite-dominated society starts to make sense; there are no nudity or public sexual taboos anymore. On top of that, it's a religious and cultural custom to defer to the opinions and judgement of futanari. The apparent co-existence of modern technology and magic in some of your stuff makes sense as well, since we're living in a united sex-goddess world in that case.

    Or am I just waaay overthinking this?

    1. Hey now, I also think about this particular subject occasionally. Some of the things I draw might belong in the same universe, but others do not. Most of the ones depicting a world where futas dominate society (mothers fucking their sons like it's perfectly natural, boys sucking off their futa classmates and teachers, etc.) could be taking place in the same world (but perhaps different countries), while those where cocks can go "all the way through" are part of a different universe/reality. Anything with mythological creatures like giants, orcs, centaurs, dryads is separate from any of the other universes.

      The TotMW world is its own thing as far as I'm concerned, with no ties to other universes implied.

      I don't remember drawing anything with magic outside TotMW though?

    2. One of your older things. I remember there was a neckbeard and a witch girl. One of the neckbeard's lines was literally, "*insert generic insult*". Then the witch girl turned him into a woman and fucked him.

    3. Oh, right! That was a commission from back in the day.

    4. Thnx. This is the kind of thing that fills my mind while I browse for fap material, continuity and internal logic. It's not the centaur hermaphrodites fitted with fuck saddles, it's whether or not that centaur hermaphrodite has a proper pedigree, lmao.

  3. I'm happy to see you so active and creative! I really appreciate you and this design is fantastic!

  4. are you ever going to stop drawing futanari?

  5. That's good news, I really enjoy TotMW.