Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Poor Skill Point Distribution

"Larger futa getting cunnilingus from a regular-sized male. After all, they're not going to always go with the dick option."

The second bonus pick from December's request lottery, with a futa-on-female version as well.


  1. Been a Patreon supporter for like 4 months and this is already my second win :D

  2. Wow, it's like someone finally remembered that futanari have pussies too.

    1. To be fair, back in the August update of TotMW there was a centaur futa getting fisted in her pussy, and all the futa mothers obviously had to become pregnant somehow. As far as I'm concerned, unless otherwise stated every futa I draw has a pussy hiding behind her balls, they just tend to prefer using their dick because it's easier to dominate with it.

    2. @Randomguy644 That was the idea why I entered it in the lottery. I wanted to see a futa who enjoys having a pussy.