Thursday, 26 January 2017

Morning Jog Surprise Edit

...And then they fucked. Except in this version the jogger is a guy.


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    1. Haha, that's about what it would take to make me actually want to go there.

    2. Living in the hinterlands, eh? Up with Laplanders? I'm just a Nosy Parker.

      Apparently, InCase lives in Poland. Wonder where Anasheya lives. Seems the best Futa artists live outside the states.

    3. Im from Poland, and I had no idea InCase is from there too.

    4. Here's InCase's blogger blog:
      As of 3/08/2011, he said this:
      "My name is InCase, and I am a (currently) 22 yo, adult artist from Poland."

      I've never cared for InCase's art that much. Don't like the heavy, dark, oil-painting look. Don't like the generic faces he draws where the eyes and mouth look like slits. Although he's been improving on the faces lately. And the compositions aren't that engaging for me, either.

      He must be about 28 years old by now. He's obviously a virtuoso draughtsman. Can't fault him for that. He's kind of similar to Sardax, for me. Just to give an example.

    5. Sparrow, Spidu and DrGraevling (all on Hentai Foundry) are also Swedish, although I belive Sparrow moved to the US some years ago.

      As for InCase's style, I really like it. We don't have quite the same fetishes but there is a lot of overlap on the big ones - futa on male, yaoi, traps, etc.

    6. Met a professor from Uppsala once. Used a computer program from Uppsala once, LM-Prolog. On a Lisp Machine back in 1985. Don't mind me, I'm just feeling lonely.

    7. I was working on the whole "being born" thing back in '85. Good times.

    8. You are a young pup. God bless ya. I have a son that was born in '81. He's living and studying in Zurich now, married a Zurich girl. Crazy world.

  2. Wonder how she would look like with a longer penis... Curving up, near her mouth ;)