Sunday, 6 November 2016

Study Break

"Phew! I need to grab some snacks from the kitchen. Brother, you stay put, my homework isn't done yet."

The Patreon upload for September, a follow up to the winning bonus vote for July. Larger resolution on the Patreon.

I've been having tremendous problems with my internet connection lately (it's not on my end) but it's supposed to be getting fixed within the next two weeks. If there are no new posts in the meantime it'll be because I can barely get online as it is and it's getting worse. "Slower-than-a-28.8k-modem" worse.

EDIT: A shinier cock, since it's been requested.


  1. Great work, NiP! Really hot futa babe with an outrageous cock! And we all know you're gonna put all that off-line time to good use. Where do you live, anyway, up the fjords of Sweden??

  2. I live in the woods, pretty much. Sweden does have great internet coverage, but it still doesn't reach everywhere.

    And yes, I have been very productive lately, even without the connection issues. :)

  3. Pretty! One minor,why her penis is clean?

  4. I hate to quibble but I thought the same as SirLux above: why doesn't her cock look more shiny, slick and gooey? She just got done cumming in her brother's mouth and he's still swallowing her load. I suppose she would want to wipe off before going to kitchen, to make herself look more presentable. Nonetheless, it would be hotter if she were still after-sex-slick looking.

  5. Would have loved if there was still some cum on her cock... But amazing piece !