Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Learning the Hard Way / Penetrating Lecture

"Boy discovers that he accidentally signed up for the special Futa sex ed class instead of the normal one. Now he's stuck there for the entire semester."

Winner of this month's request lottery on Patreon. I might do a follow up.

This one ended up with a whole lot of dialogue, and a different panel order (top left > bottom left > top right > bottom right, in case the little arrows on the borders are hard to spot).

Also a bit of cock size comparison, which I really like as long as it isn't mean-spirited. No man should be shamed for not having a cock that measures up to that of a futa/dickgirl, it's just a given that she's the bigger one.


  1. Nice. Pls do a follow up ��

    1. Yes, I NEED you to do a follow up~

  2. Love the futa teacher
    Please post more futa teachers pics

  3. Love the futa teachers ������
    Please post more pics of it ����

  4. Oh man, please do a followup. I would love to see where this goes!

  5. Excellent, NiP! Really got my motor runnin' tonight. Didn't take me all the way to the Big-O but at least half way. Imagining the follow up was a big part of the hotness. Dying to see it like the rest of the girlcock lovin' sissies!

  6. Next thing you know, the boy becomes a dickgirl loving sissy who can't wait for the next special sex ed. And we would not mind that at all. :)

  7. This deserves to be its own comic series.

    1. I'm seconding this. Would be awesome to make a series out of this.

      Once again, awesome job!

  8. I've immagined being in that situation ever since I was little lol

  9. This is awesome! Love to see more!

  10. I was bored and my mind was wandering today, and I came up with a short story to follow up on this comic.

    Day one of the semester, 3:45 pm.
    Timmy squirmed, uncomfortably, in the hard plastic chair as he waited for the Guidance Counselor, Ms. Johnson. A few uncomfortable minutes later, she walked in, "Ah, Timmy, what can I do for you? Some problem with your Schedule?"
    "Well, you see, I somehow got put in Ms. Richardson's 'Special' Health class by mistake and I was wondering..."
    "Oh, I'm sorry Timmy," she cut in, "but as you know, the State Mandates Health class during Sophomore year, you have to pass it to graduate, and well, I'm afraid that due to scheduling conflicts, short staffing, and classroom over crowding, there just ISN'T another health class I can move you into," as she gently lead him up and to the door, patting his sore and sloshing ass gently, "so I'm afraid you'll just HAVE to finish out the semester in Ms. Richardson's Class. Bye!" She shut the door behind him as he left, "She owes me bigtime for this" she muttered with an evil grin.

    Day 11 of the Semester (Two weeks later), During Lunch Break.
    Timmy strides quickly into Ms. Johnson's office, where the Counselor is eating lunch at her desk.
    "Mmph, Timmy" she swallows a bite of sandwich hastily, "What can I do for you?"
    "Okay, it's like this. You know how I'm in Ms. Richardson's Health Class in 5th period, well I-"
    She cut him off promptly, "We've been over this, you know this class is required and I can't move you int-"
    Timmy holds up his hands, shaking his head, "No-no, I'm not trying to change sections."
    "Okay," she responds slowly, "then what do you want?"
    "Alright, so, I'm in Ms. Richardson's Health class, second to last period, and I'm in Home Ec. with Mrs. Frompstein last period. But, I don't really NEED Home Ec for anything it was just a free elective, I only signed up for it as a way to meet girls, and with the enrichment classes I took over the summer I'm ahead on credits, so I was wondering if I could just DROP Home Ec and have a Free Period at the end of the day to recover."
    "I see," she said, taking a bite of her sandwich to give herself time to think, "and what about meeting girls?" she asked with a faint smirk.
    "Not really a concern anymore" Timmy replied, "Thanks to Ms. Richardson assigning 'Practical' Homework, I've got a 'Date' every night for the rest of the Term, two on Saturdays, and mandatory 'tutoring' sessions with Ms. Richardson herself on Sundays."

    "I think we can work something out..."

    August the Following year, class sign-ups.
    "Timmy," said Ms. Johnson, "I notice your class schedule is one short."
    "Oh, I was meaning to come talk to you about that!" effused the young man, "I'm still several classes ahead, and I know that sometimes students can work as a TA for a class they've taken for Leadership hours towards scholarships and such, so I was hoping I could sign up for that."
    "Oh? And what class did you have in mind to TA for?"
    "Weeeeelllll, I was talking to Ms. Richardson over the summer....."

    1. Cool story elaboration. Looks like Timmy's sexuality has been permanently skewed. Poor guy. Probably walks a little funny too.