Saturday, 12 November 2016

Daily Routine

The men kept trying to run away, but chasing them was part of the fun.

Patreon art for October, although I haven't been able to upload it there just yet. The site loads much slower than this blog, and I'm currently getting 0,05 Mbit/s in download speed and 0,15 Mbit/s in upload, making many pages actually stop loading before they're even halfway finished.

Hopefully I can stop complaining about this soon enough.

EDIT: It's up on Patreon. Also here's a lady version:


  1. I NEED a story about this! X3

    1. Maybe I'll write one eventually, maybe other people feel like making a caption? We'll see. :)

    2. At least one pictures ... you're like a drug! XD


    1. IT'S AWESOME!

    2. Mmm... those black nipples... I just wanna taste 'em and nibble a bit while one of her friends plays with my ass all day long.

  3. I do like what I'm seeing.

  4. I feel so envious. I wanna go there ...

  5. My favorite is the first on the left,your?

    1. Mine is the one in the middle with the way she smiles while giving thumbs up along with that big flaccid dick.

    2. First left :3 ... And now I noticed that there a fourth in the bottom right corner XD

    3. I would said left one, but since I can't get clear shot of her body from that angle I just say that middle one with the face and hair of one one the left would be just perfect, would e persona fucktoy and cumdumpster to

  6. Couple comments. 1) It would be interesting, but not essential, to see how this would work if the girls had more negroid facial features, e.g., broad noses, thick lips. 2) Shouldn't the central foreground girl's ball sack and balls be showing? She must have a big fat, cum-filled pair, surely.

    1. Maybe there are different types. One on the right looks like a shemale, one on the left is not seen enough, while the center could be a futanari not full-package. Or they are simply hidden (in a certain position, not unnatural, may be possible). :)

    2. She's mid stride, so her front leg covers her balls from view, is how I intended it.

  7. This is my favorite image,but why is so "alone"?Where are other black long-dong futanari people!?

    1. Probably just out of frame, enjoying some men of their own.

  8. I want another ... I ... please?
    However XD the face of the first one on the center is ... strange,I don't know why,but isn't important,right?

    1. I would love to expand on this subject in the future.

      As for the face, it's probably because I tried something different with her mouth. It's a style I've seen used at times and wanted to attempt.

    2. The mouth!I covered her mouth with a finger and it's that!
      However try is good,I am happy that you try to improve yourself!
      You would love to expand on that,I hope with love that you will!

  9. "M'walah!"
    Kele leapt to her feet. The village alarm. "Runaways."
    Pausing a moment to grab her spear (and squeeze her balls a bit), she took off, fetish totem stored in her sash. The tracks were from the twelve paleskinned gold hairs Lila found last week. The men among them were chafing at captivity, so it came as no surprise that they'd fled.
    That's what the girls of the village were hoping for.
    Kele found herself grinning as she joined Lila, Komi, Fina and Duma on the trail, running with the effortless grace of the tribe. Komi's spear was so hard it curved a little upward, and slapped against her thighs with a loud *SMACK* every step she took.
    "M'walah komeh akebe mote madit (The runaways go to the sacred mountain)," Kele pointed out as she fell into position among the villagers. "Alet mote madit, suka ko. (If they make it there, we cannot follow)."
    Komi's spear dripped a bit. "Mmm... joki suko. (Sounds like fun) Ta kiki buuuuuuuga. (My spear is sooooooo ready)"
    Fina's cheeks darkened as her spear started smacking her thighs.
    Komi shot her a hungry glance. "Mawi Fina. (So is Fina)"
    Fina's breath caught a moment. "P-pota! (N-no it's not!) Ta wabi nika, ah! (I just woke up, that's all!)"

    1. Komi laughed the high, sweet laugh she only used when she defeated someone. "Ahko- (Liar-)"
      "KA KO! (ENOUGH!)"
      Komi fell silent, the lusty look on her face gone.
      "Matu sho waki lila," Duma said. Silence is the way of the hunter.
      Komi's spear drooped.
      Fina's did the same.
      "Hona wati suka ta. (The spirits gave holy powder to me)" Fina whispered as she passed around leaves wrapped around a dark red dust.
      Lila gave her a nod. Duma directed the group with hand signals as they went on, following the tracks.
      A few hours later, they found five of them sleeping. Three more were keeping watch.
      Duma's spear grew as she guided Kele and Komi slowly, ever so slowly into position. Kele marveled for a moment. She'd never seen Duma's spear so hard before. She'd always thought she couldn't get it hard.
      Kele took out her raven fetish totem. Komi drew her shark, and Duma her crocodile. Mouthing the words, they all said a silent blessing for luck. They sprinkled sacred powder over their spears, and a bit over gold hair lookouts.
      Then they struck the lookouts with their spears.

    2. Their mouths were suffused in holy power, their noses bathed in glorious divinity. It was often too much for outsiders to take, and these ones were no exception. They mumbled around the spears (one of them making Komi squeal quietly) and beat on their legs for a moment, before going slack and silent.
      Off to the east, Lila and Fina were offering prayers to their fetishes as well. Fina's snake fetish was strange, carved of wood with dyed teeth that shined white. Lila's sloth fetish was a strange one for a village elder, but it had served her incredibly well. Under Lila there was prosperity. And captives. Lots and lots of captives with ripe holes waiting for a hard black spear.
      Duma signaled them. Lila noticed first, and shook Fina.
      Fina's spear jumped to attention. Lila, noticing its sudden movement, stood up her spear as well. With a practiced hand, Fina took her powder pouch and sprinkled some on her spear, then approached the sleeping m'walah. Lila's spear had no powder on it as she did the same.
      The five villagers took up positions above the sleepers' unguarded asses. How lucky that they all slept on their stomachs. Perhaps they ached still from their welcome?

    3. Lila's spear always drooped a bit, as it did now, but it never seemed to calm down, either. It was perpetual.
      Fina's spear may have been smaller at a mere six inches, but the size of the balls below it and her aggression with it was frightening to behold, and the sheer amount of white glory she made could drown a man.
      Komi's spear was ill-made and too large; it curved up, couldn't stand straight, and went hard at the sight of weakness in another. Very strange.
      Duma's spear... wow. It seemed so much smaller when she wasn't using it. It practically thrummed in her hands.
      Kele's spear looked perfectly normal: a good ten inches of straight jet black, rounded on the end and normally covered with a small patch of leather. Where it was odd was its performance. It stayed hard for a long time, too long, and it couldn't produce white glory at any great rate. Often the sun would rise and pass from the sky before it could make any. Of course, it made spear practice with Malu very easy to clean up, and everyone in the village seemed to want lessons from her, but it was still a burden.
      They towered over the gold hairs, spears hard in hand, and squatted to meet their holes.
      Duma signaled one, two, three.
      With one hard thrust, the m'walah were pierced.

    4. They shouted and screamed and moaned and writhed around the spears, trying to free themselves.
      Komi pounded hers with her fist, and started stabbing him wildly. Kele wrapped her arm around her target and gave him slow, long thrusts to calm him down.
      Fina took her mouth and put it over her target's, giving him firm thrusts as she went. In seconds, he was blissed-out and pouring white glory.
      Duma simply thrust once and kept it inside, holding him down with her weight and waiting for her thrust to take effect.
      Lila had flipped hers over at some point, and toyed with his spear. She batted it back and forth, giving it a taste as she spoke to him.
      "Sia kwena m'walah? (Do you see what happens to runaways?)"
      He yelled something in gold hair language.
      "Let me go, you vile androgyny! My mission requires me, and God punish y- Ah! You who live in sin!"
      Lila gave him a smoldering look as she bent down, taking his spear in her mouth for a moment.
      "Wihna ako lia buta tufan, ako foko slehv. (If only you would learn to accept your position, you would know such joy) Fi. (Pity)" She took his spear again. It slid out of her mouth with a *pop*. "Umofia kwenu. (You taste beautiful, you know)"
      Komi heard this and glanced at her with shock. Hearing such high praise from Lila was jarring.
      "Oh, ah... that feels goooood..." the gold hair groaned.
      The rest of the gold hairs were moaning and panting under the spears, legs wide and asses high. Two of them ground their elbows into the dirt, their mouths wide and their tongues lolling out, looking much like Komi had on her first hunt.

    5. Speaking of Komi, she was beating her man with the flat of her palm, striking his ass over and over again as she stabbed into him rapidly. His buttocks looked like one big red mark, yet he moaned louder and leaked more glory with every strike.
      Fina was slipping spirit magic inside her man's mouth every few seconds. Whatever it was, it seemed to help; the alabaster pool beneath their knees was as much his glory as Fina's. Her spear squelched as she drew it back and stabbed again, pushing a wave of white glory out of his once-tight butt.
      Duma, at long last, was starting to move. Her second thrust saw her man cry out and shoot an arrow of white glory into his own face.
      Kele's target went limp. "Asu ko'ah bi ka," she announced. I'll head back home now.
      Komi groaned in irritation. "Tapo kageh! (Not now!) Tusi m'walah! (More runaways!)"
      Kele shrugged. "Ta walah su nagi. (I'll catch them with you) Juji. (Don't worry) Ta sho wata. (I can take care of myself)"
      Fina howled as she poured ever more glory into her target.
      Kele's spear twitched. "Mmm... ta kiki wan shadi... (My spear wants to taste...)"
      She hoisted her m'walah and slung him over her shoulder.


      Fina fed the last pinch of spirit dust into the gold hair's mouth.
      He coughed and tried to spit it out, but Juka held him firm as Xila poured coconut milk down his throat.
      "Ka ko. (Enough)" Fina said. "Topa wi na, ih ko waja kikisha. (Send in the next, and give that one a hard spearing.)"
      Juka lifted him, with her spear still inside of him and set him down outside the shack. She repeated Fina's orders to Jali, who grinned and stroked her barbed shaft. "Ai, ma! (Yes, ma'am!)
      At that moment, Kele emerged from the undergrowth, hauling another gold hair. Her fingers twined around the long, soft mane growing from this one's head.
      "FINA!" she yelled.
      Fina poked her head out of the shack.
      Fina came running, nearly slipping as she ducked under Jali's arms.
      "Kani. (Watch it)" Jali said mindlessly as she shoved inside of the treated gold hair. The gold hair gasped, and instantly shot a load of glory into the dirt.
      Kele set her captive down and spread its legs apart. It squirmed and struggled, speaking in the gold hair language. "No, don't! Don't look at my thing! I'm married, I..."
      "Chu wa pusi koga."
      Fina gasped, her spear lifting in seconds. The gold hair before her had no spear. She bore only the symbol of ultimate prosperity: her vagina.
      This gold hair was a priestess.
      "Ta wato juko mati lika liki kino. (I found a whole camp of gold hairs just like this one) Weh kwala juko pusi. (A whole camp of priestesses)" Kele grinned. "Mah kwi. (All pure)"
      Fina stared at her, eyes wide.
      Kele smirked. "Sugo Lila. (So tell Lila) Ta koku waji mah. (I'll lead her there)"
      Fina ran off to find Lila.
      Kele turned to her captive spear in hand, harder and hotter than it had ever been.
      "Ta kiki buga. Boto ako pusi? (My spear is ready. Are you, priestess?)"
      "N-no, don't you d-dare! I'm a nun of the Order of the Blessed Vir-"
      Kele stabbed her mouth with her spear.
      "Boto. Ako. Pusi?"
      The woman whimpered.
      Kele rotated her hips, thrusting gently in and out of the gold hair's mouth, lathering it up. All the while, she eyed her prize with hunger.
      Suddenly, she shoved the woman over with a squeak. As she lifted the woman's legs and lined up the thrust, she bellowed,
      "TA KIKI BUGA!"
      "NO! NOT MY PUSSY! DON'T-"
      Kele took the priestess' virginity in one smooth thrust.

    7. The priestess howled as her hymen tore under the hot weight of Kele's spear. Her walls writhed furiously at the unfamiliar sensation, brushing untouched nerves up against the solid ebony cock as it entered her over and over and over. Her howls reduced in volume, lowered in tone. They became pleasured groans as Kele rolled her hips into hers, and planted a short, gentle kiss on the woman's breast.
      The woman's arm suddenly leapt up and slapped Kele.
      She felt Kele's cock jump inside her as she was lifted up, resting firmly on Kele's spear. Kele pressed her wrists together, and lifted the woman off her spear. She held her there for a few moments, breathing evenly, and brought her back down on her spear.

    8. "Na ko kikisha wotola, liki (My people will spear all of your friends, gold hair). Na ko ako bameh (We will keep you safe)," Kele whispered into the woman's ear. "Wi ko'ah (We go now)."
      Kele dropped the woman. She slid down her spear and slammed into the hilt with a force that nearly made Kele's legs buckle. Kele's left hand went for her balls, squeezing out a load of thick white glory into the woman's pussy.
      "Kele! Kuk'ai numa (Where are they)?!"
      Kele smiled as the woman slid off of her spear. She beckoned Lila over, and took off running into the jungle.
      Fina walked over to the gold hair girl and draped a tiger skin over her.
      "Juji, liki (don't worry, gold hair). Na ko ako bameh."
      The woman stared at Kele as she disappeared from sight.
      "I'm not a virgin anymore. I..." She brought a hand to her stomach. "I never thought... it would be a... a woman..."
      Fina put a gentle hand on her shoulder.
      The woman flinched as she came out of her reverie.
      Fina giggled. "Na ko ako bameh, liki. Juji."
      The woman stared at her, a grin slowly spreading across her face. "Juji," she said. "Juji. Juji. What does that mean?"
      Fina stared blankly, then waved her hand over the woman's head, sprinkling her with white dust.
      "It means don't worry, gold hair. You're safe with the tribe."

    9. Quite the story. Much appreciated. :)