Saturday, 19 November 2016

Mommy and Chill

"Mommy's going to push you down the whole way now, OK? Try to relax." "I love you mommy." "I love you too."

"Mother and son snuggle in front of the TV while he sits on her lap, impaled on her cock."

Bonus pick from this month's request lottery. I might add colours later, but before that I really want to focus on the upcoming Temple of the Morning Wood pages.

Friday, 18 November 2016


I forgot to post this, it seems.

Option C won the previous vote, and now we're faced with some girlcocks hungry for action.

(Voting happens on the Patreon, until Nov 20)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Learning the Hard Way / Penetrating Lecture

"Boy discovers that he accidentally signed up for the special Futa sex ed class instead of the normal one. Now he's stuck there for the entire semester."

Winner of this month's request lottery on Patreon. I might do a follow up.

This one ended up with a whole lot of dialogue, and a different panel order (top left > bottom left > top right > bottom right, in case the little arrows on the borders are hard to spot).

Also a bit of cock size comparison, which I really like as long as it isn't mean-spirited. No man should be shamed for not having a cock that measures up to that of a futa/dickgirl, it's just a given that she's the bigger one.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Daily Routine

The men kept trying to run away, but chasing them was part of the fun.

Patreon art for October, although I haven't been able to upload it there just yet. The site loads much slower than this blog, and I'm currently getting 0,05 Mbit/s in download speed and 0,15 Mbit/s in upload, making many pages actually stop loading before they're even halfway finished.

Hopefully I can stop complaining about this soon enough.

EDIT: It's up on Patreon. Also here's a lady version:

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Office Head

Another drawing that had been lying around for quite some time received the 'fuck-it-let's-just-post-it' treatment, and here we are.

I seem to remember saying I would draw futa on male from the futa's point of view at some point. It's a pretty rare theme.

(My internet connection is not fine yet by the way.)

EDIT: Just found out they're waiting on the parts needed to replace some broken equipment, and it might be another 10 days or so before everything is back to normal...

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Study Break

"Phew! I need to grab some snacks from the kitchen. Brother, you stay put, my homework isn't done yet."

The Patreon upload for September, a follow up to the winning bonus vote for July. Larger resolution on the Patreon.

I've been having tremendous problems with my internet connection lately (it's not on my end) but it's supposed to be getting fixed within the next two weeks. If there are no new posts in the meantime it'll be because I can barely get online as it is and it's getting worse. "Slower-than-a-28.8k-modem" worse.

EDIT: A shinier cock, since it's been requested.