Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hands on Approach

Just a quickie. I had this one lying around for a while and felt like finishing it up.

Spanking is one of those fetishes that sometimes do nothing for me and at other times hit just right, depending on my mood.

This month there should be a lot more uploads to the blog than has been the case lately.


  1. Yeah, I've collected quite a few femdom spanking illustrations from tumblr. They're titillating but there's only one I've ever jerked off to:
    It's the humiliating and emasculating involuntary ejaculation that gets me off.

    Anyway, do you think you could add a dripping cock to this illustration?

    Further punishment? A humbler? Strap-on sodomy? Orally servicing (fore and aft) a group of her girlfriends?

    Thanks for the bonus. You're a star!

    1. I like the oral service idea, but I shouldn't risk getting more sidetracked at the moment.

    2. Glad you like the idea. Maybe you'll get around to it some time this year, or the next. Every image is a joy. I take them as they come.

      I am, as always, your most obedient servant.