Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Temple of the Morning Wood (October Update)

Phew! 16 pages! Halfway through the month I decided to change approach, and it's been much more efficient this way. Instead of completing one page at a time, I focused on getting all the linework done and leaving the dialogue, sound effects etc. for later.

Next month I will prioritize the Patreon art that's been delayed, so it is uncertain how many new pages of TotMW will be made.

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  1. Nice. I especially like the part where the mom jerks off her son. And he objects to his mom having her tits out while she jerks him off?? And she covers up?? Hmmm. Be nice if he somehow got down and sucked 'em while she milked him.

    Anywho, carry on my wayward son, or something.

    1. She doesn't cover up them up, he said he didn't mind. :)

  2. Oooh. I'm old, the small print...

  3. I wait this moment each month, you keep improving your art and your story. Good job, and Thank you!


  4. Thought Charis was going to win him over for a second there. I think Goteh will come around tho.