Friday, 30 September 2016

September Bonus Vote C

"Futa mother fucks her son awake as a mother's day present to herself. The father is filming it."

Colours on HF: Son Daughter

One of the two winners (since they tied) from September's bonus vote. I made both a version with her son and one with her daughter, because why not?

This is the first drawing I've completed with the (expensive!) Cintiq 13HD by the way.

I've been using an Intuos Pro Small for about three years, and before that it was a (since discontinued) Graphire 4 for about eight, neither of which had very large drawing surfaces. To compensate for that I was doing very quick strokes to avoid shaky lines, but that meant an endless stream of attempts to get it just right. So far my experience with the Cintiq 13HD is that this is no longer necessary, and it has sped up my drawing process significantly. Actually seeing my hand move across the surface certainly helps with precision too.


  1. Looks bloody awesome NIP! Really liking the fine strokes of the linework in both versions. :) Money well worth spent! Great stuff!

  2. Glad to hear the new tablet's so much easier to use.

    Great composition as always. Love the big mustache on the dad. Looks kind of Swedish. Maybe that's my imagination.

  3. Wow this was a quick draw for you? That's great to hear, it looks super clean and you'd never guess that it received less time than your other works. Plus the content is spot-on as always, somnophilia is the best and that ribbon is unfff, but you don't need to hear that kinda praise from me. Keep working hard, NiP♥

    1. Quick compared to working with the older tablet, yes. It still takes a decent amount of time, of course. I will. :)

  4. What 'ribbon' is Rabumachine referring to? I see none such.

    And now that I see the color version I realize they must go through a lot of male underwear in that household.

    And by the looks of the tent in the old man's pants he'll probably need to give himself some hand relief after filming this session.

  5. It looked like a ribbon in the uncolored, kind of difficult to distinguish on my monitor, I see now it's cute crotchless boxers.