Friday, 30 September 2016

September Bonus Vote C

"Futa mother fucks her son awake as a mother's day present to herself. The father is filming it."

Colours on HF: Son Daughter

One of the two winners (since they tied) from September's bonus vote. I made both a version with her son and one with her daughter, because why not?

This is the first drawing I've completed with the (expensive!) Cintiq 13HD by the way.

I've been using an Intuos Pro Small for about three years, and before that it was a (since discontinued) Graphire 4 for about eight, neither of which had very large drawing surfaces. To compensate for that I was doing very quick strokes to avoid shaky lines, but that meant an endless stream of attempts to get it just right. So far my experience with the Cintiq 13HD is that this is no longer necessary, and it has sped up my drawing process significantly. Actually seeing my hand move across the surface certainly helps with precision too.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Temple of the Morning Wood (October Update)

Phew! 16 pages! Halfway through the month I decided to change approach, and it's been much more efficient this way. Instead of completing one page at a time, I focused on getting all the linework done and leaving the dialogue, sound effects etc. for later.

Next month I will prioritize the Patreon art that's been delayed, so it is uncertain how many new pages of TotMW will be made.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Defeat by Seat

Just a quickie inbetween the TotMW pages. They're speeding along, by the way.

I very recently purchased a Cintiq 13HD (expensive, but it should be worth it considering how much time I spend drawing) but have yet to plug it in because my computer is a finicky little thing and I worry that what should be a simple installation process will take several hours.

If I am absent for longer than normal it will be because of getting a new pc...

Saturday, 17 September 2016

September Vote Winner

Futa friends try out a new cat cafe, and enjoy casual blowjobs from the cat-eared boys that work there.

I should set some sort of limit on how much time I spend on these so I can plan with that in mind...

By the way, it's been a little over a year since my Patreon got started. The support so far is very much appreciated!

I plan to expand on the rewards etc. in the future, but first the current chapter of TotMW should be finished so I don't overwhelm myself with projects. Speaking of which, the mothers-bring-their-sons-to-work one will be coloured, and I will catch up on the other monthly Patreon art (3 to go).

Saturday, 3 September 2016

My Lying Bride

I was experimenting with some things so this might be rather unlike my usual style, but here's some of that promised anal PoV at last. This was fun, so I might do more in the same vein.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Temple of the Morning Wood (September Update)

What's this? Regular people not getting fucked by centaurs? Ugh.

Not quite the 15 pages I set out to do, but there were some distractions.

If only there were more than one of me so we could get all my projects done right away. D:

I've been trying different approaches to drawing this comic since the beginning, mostly dealing with shading but also line thickness, and keeping the variations separated by scene changes. My preferred shading style is most likely the one used in this chapter up until the previous scene with the centaurs, but I'm going to continue with these lines for now.

Same goal for next update: 15 pages.

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