Tuesday, 3 May 2016

It Comes Into View

Last month's Patreon upload, in smaller resolution. I realised I forgot to post this one on the blog but here it is.

This month's upload (again, smaller resolution here) featured the mother from the following series of commissions I did years ago. All except the bathroom one was from the same commissioner.

Speaking of which, there's an edit floating around of the bathroom one where she's naked that someone made, but it's a very obvious one and I've been itching to just redraw the whole scene instead. Of course, that's yet another thing I have to put off until other projects have actually been finished.


  1. An old favourite. Nice to see her again.

  2. awesome as always!

  3. Old Mom was actually the first piece of art I saw combining futa and wincest. I wasn't into futa at all at that point in my life, but everything about your characters caused me to make an exception. Here I am years later seeing my favorite artist go back to the character that gave me my favorite fetish, and it's giving me the best nostalgia boner ever. Thanks for the years of good stuff NiP!

  4. Thanks guys. Of the things I've drawn over the years, this particular group of images were always some of the most popular.

    1. And it's no wonder. That's why I'd really like to see a longtime series featuring something like this (and family duties!).

      Thanks for everything, once again!

  5. They need there own comic series~