Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Part 1.

What a loving mother, getting so involved with her daughters.


  1. perfect as always nip

  2. Fantastic. I love these kinds of situations, and your art is top-notch as usual. Looking forward to part 2!

  3. Another stellar picture! My favorite bits are the futa mom's lip-biting and the guy's legs wrapped around the back of his date.

  4. Think you can do a sequel of a white platinum haired futa fucking boy in front of people at a bus stop stand?

    1. That was a commission, so it would be up to if I did those again and the original commissioner wanted another piece.

  5. Finger's crossed that the mom has a son

  6. So lovely. Having the mom there adds a dimension of realism that makes it hotter.

    The girl is gorgeous. Boyish short hair, nice tits and GREAT ass.

    The whole composition is just tremendous. Really got my motor running and I even got off on it once, if you don't mind my saying.

    Looking forward to part 2, of course.

  7. Man, this is what I'm talking about! Thanks!

  8. This has turned out very potent for me.

    I love how the girl is so much more experienced than the boy. Very hot.

    I like to think that the boy didn't know she was a futa until they started taking each other's clothes off in her room.

    I also like to think that the boy considered himself straight until he relaxed and let her penetrate him.

    Re: him being a virgin: it's surprising since all the futas at school have been trying to get into his pants because he's so cute and has such a fuck-able ass.

  9. I just loved this drawing, he was very visually pleasing and the situation became very cool. The smile of the boy to be penetrated and the big cock of the girl's mother were great. It would be nice one in to show the asshole being streched by the girl's cock while he gives a blowjob to her mother.

  10. Well, after that first impression and the two-hour wait, that boy's a keeper.