Saturday, 16 April 2016

Pretty Pugilist (Presents Penis) Pt.4 & 5

Alternative continuation from the third part, where instead she has a large throbbing cock.

And with that, this series is finished and I can cross off one more thing from my backlog, fuck yeah.


  1. Happiness achieved. Thanks!

  2. i saw your art for years but cause of your nickname "nobody in particular" it was realy problematic to actualy find blog/website or anything else belong to you.
    are you going to do "Woman steals man's dick" next? it sound interesting. i hope to see more dick-growth and femdom in your blog. i know its just matter of taste but i think that dick-growth and mild femdom that just includs woman/girl with a penis fucking a guy/boy is way better than all the other stuff about boys/men get abused or molested by giant cocks.

    1. Next up is the fucktoy duty series, but the dick theft stuff might come after that.

      There are also some more regular femdom themed drawings on the way.

  3. Love these real-world power-dynamics sex scenes. There was a memorable one in "The Gaudy Image", a wrestler says to an ex-con he has bested in a fight: "Come out of that corner on your knees with your mouth open!" Most of "The Gaudy Image" sucks except for the queer encounters in the rooming house.