Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Unclog the Backlog

Because there is such a large amount of stuff I've queued up and I don't want to feel any more swamped, I'm just going to list some here and try to get around to each as soon as possible. Not necessarily in order:

Giants use a man as condom (series) DONE
Boxing (series) DONE
Milking machines (femdom)(dark)(comic)
Fucktoy duty (incest)(series) DONE (for now)
Woman steals man's dick DONE
Boy is molested by his toilet (comic)
Giantess futa on male DONE
Blowjobs in space! (public use)(comic)
A whole bunch of Sailor Moon-related futa on male

Hopefully I can avoid procrastinating and actually get them all done, even if it means they're less polished.


  1. Sounds Great!
    can´t wait, too see more of your awesome stuff!
    love it

  2. I would love to see Milking machines as soon as Possible <3 your are a great artist and i love your work! Keep it up :-*

  3. All of it sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see what's first.

  4. Sounds awesome! I'd love it if you did more futa on mpreg too (maybe that will be in Milking Machines).


  5. "Boy is molested by his toilet"

    ... ... I don't even...

    I mean, I'm assuming tentacles - but damn I can't get the image of a dirty-talking immobile basin out of my head now.

  6. Nothing on that list I don't love, looking forward to it, Nip ♥

  7. Please do Giants use a man as condom (series)!! Thank you ^_^

    1. Wait cancel that... a continuation of the temple of the morning wood would be better but its all up to you nip ! you're the best :)

    2. I'm working on Temple... regardless of my progress on these other projects, so no worries about that.

  8. your work is great, we could you give advances dates? I love "fucktoy duty" Thanks for wanting to make a series ..

  9. Fucktoy Duty is my favorite. Can't wait!

  10. I might return to Fucktoy Duty pretty soon.

  11. Each and every one of these sound incredible, I can hardly wait.