Sunday, 31 January 2016

Butt Stuff(ed)

The last part!

Excluding the first two, I sort of rushed these, but that's what it took to actually finish the set/series. A lot of the time, a drawing will end up just lying around until I lose interest and delete it because of some detail I can't get to look right. This was me just pushing ahead anyway.


Part 5. There'll be one more.

Saturday, 30 January 2016


Since Dan won't have his characters actually say it, I felt the need to out?

This was not in the backlog, but I enjoyed the idea and it didn't take too long.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Unclog the Backlog

Because there is such a large amount of stuff I've queued up and I don't want to feel any more swamped, I'm just going to list some here and try to get around to each as soon as possible. Not necessarily in order:

Giants use a man as condom (series) DONE
Boxing (series) DONE
Milking machines (femdom)(dark)(comic)
Fucktoy duty (incest)(series) DONE (for now)
Woman steals man's dick DONE
Boy is molested by his toilet (comic)
Giantess futa on male DONE
Blowjobs in space! (public use)(comic)
A whole bunch of Sailor Moon-related futa on male

Hopefully I can avoid procrastinating and actually get them all done, even if it means they're less polished.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Here's the winner of this month's Patreon votes, a classroom of dickgirls being fellated by their boy classmates while studying with characteristic enthusiasm.


Monday, 18 January 2016

It looks like option A won, so I'll get right on finishing it up. Since it was so close I'll keep the other one around for next month as well.

Any ideas for rewards for patrons who pledge $5 or above per month?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sketch January

Ok, let's just go ahead and try this. Patrons can vote on which sketch I finish up, but I'll be posting the finished drawing here on the blog. Probably will be in black and white.

The theme for this time is futa using boys to relieve their sexual desires at school.

(There will still be a regular monthly upload to Patreon as well)

Sorry, I forgot to clarify: please vote by commenting on the Patreon page. :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Party Favour

Story time:

She had been waiting all day for this, but it was finally her turn with the party favour. Even now, after being taken by twenty of her friends, her little brother still squirmed and kicked where he lay tied up on the bed in their living room, defiant as always. The ballgag had been a necessity so he wouldn't disturb the guests with his complaints, but everyone at the party agreed it was also a good look for him.

Coming up to the bed, her cock hardening with each step, she could not help but grin at the promise of entering that tight little butthole. She didn't get much of a chance to normally, since they went to different schools and their mother protected him the rest of the time. But their mother was on a business trip for a week...

A couple of her friends were watching as she spread his legs and crawled up on the bed.

Having positioned her cock at his opening, she leaned possessively over her little brother, looking him straight in the eyes before kissing him on the forehead. To her surprise, once she entered him, he stopped squirming at last. This was new.

Curious, the girl pulled back out. Her brother moaned... he sounded disappointed! She thrust back in, and his expression changed to one of bliss. The boy's ever present defiance was gone. He wanted it. Her brother had just accepted his role as cumdump, and it was thanks to her.

The girl had never been more turned on. Her friends cheered as she began ramming her hips into the welcoming butt with total abandon. Her brother, moaning loudly every time she bottomed out, wrapped his legs around her back and looked her in the eyes, begging for another kiss. She obliged.

The noises and smells attracted an even bigger crowd, egging the both of them on. He finally gave in! the girl told them triumphantly. She made a show of thrusting as hard and fast as she possibly could, watching her brother's spasms beneath her. When she came, she made sure to release every single drop of cum inside her target, and relished the look of bliss on his exhausted face. Following a very short breather, she started on her second round.

After orgasming yet again, the crowd applauded. The girl, finally satisfied and spent, slipped her cock out of the well-used cumdump and went back to chatting with her friends, leaving her brother open for whoever else felt like using him.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Fear of the Park

...And then he sucked her cock.

For 2016, I plan to finish the current chapter of Temple... and get more involved with my Patreon, including some rewards, at least like voting on what I draw next.

Thank you to all my patrons for the support so far!