Thursday, 22 October 2015

Giant Plans

Here comes the second part.

Also a decent point in the story at which to post what has so far been done on the Temple... chapter is coming up, so that might be posted before the end of the month, maybe.


  1. Dat other giant guy looks like Adam from YourMovieSucks :/

    enjoy the mental image <3

  2. Hey!
    Would it be possible to get a huge ZIP file with ALL your previous work? I lost them :/
    My email is

  3. I haven't made a zip/rar of my newer material, but here's one with almost all the old:

  4. Love it, I'd love to see more human cocksleeve oriented art in your style!♥

  5. would you ever accept commission work?

    1. I can't say for sure. Part of me still gets very nervous about the quality of what I draw when people not only expect something particular but also pay money for it, though I guess that's pretty normal for creators of any kind.

      If nothing else, I could probably do a "vote on which sketch gets finished" thing on my Patreon page.

  6. I hope he buries that new condom in her ass then fills it.. please