Friday, 16 October 2015

Choices, Choices

A giant contemplating what he's going to do with his catch. Any ideas?


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing something like this with giantess futa's. Maybe a condom involved? *wink wink*

  2. The "catch" is obviously a condom ^_^

  3. Rest him softly against the underneath of the cock, and frott that thing up and down, forcing the little guy to wrap his arms and legs around and receiving a nice cum-bath in the end :P

    Also: It's cool, though the idea for futa version, maan, that would hit the spot even better.

  4. Agreed with doing a futa version, condom wouldn't be bad, anal dildo or butt-plug if you will wouldn't be bad either

  5. The giant started out as a futa, but I felt like switching it up a bit. I think I'll draw the little guy used as a condom when the giant fucks another (guy) giant first, then plugged in the same butt afterwards.

    After that, something similar with a futa giant instead.

    1. You could always have a giant (futa) couple put him in a condom before use. He could go on an adventure and hopefully he can hold his breath. ^_~