Sunday, 30 August 2015

Flexing Muscles

Drawing linework and hands, oft the twin banes of my artistic urge!

Typically, the sensitivity of the small tablets I've had translate into very shaky lines unless I do very quick strokes. The penalty for that is, of course, inaccuracy and constant trial and error.

But for the past couple months I've developed the habit of zooming in when doing the final linework, and it's really helped me avoid the frustrating process of quick stroke->ctrl-z>quick stroke>ctrl-z>quick stroke (repeat ad nauseam until satisfied or sick of it all), since the bigger the pixels, the less impact the tiny unintentional handshakes have.

Another alternative is to be less anal about every single line and go for a more "sketchy" look, but I tend to slip back into the old habit of always cleaning up more than perhaps necessary. The comic "On the Art of Motivation" and a number of /d/rawthread requests I did were attempts on my part to fight that habit.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


At long last, I managed to stop procrastinating and actually created a Patreon page, for those who wish to support me thusly.

Here it is!


(This does not mean I am abandoning this blog, and certainly not the fifth chapter of TotMW!)