Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Morning Service pt.2

More old school Neon Genesis Evangelion.


  1. Saaaaaved. This is awesome. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more comments yet, but I guess most of your fans are just lurking.

    Seriously though, you just don't see this kind of detailed perspective that often. It's great.

    (Also, Asuka and Rei's faces are perfect haha.)

  2. Hopefully Misato's joining the end of the queue.

    Any chance of a PoV shot at some point of Misato shooting thick streams of futa-jizz all over the camera/your/shinji's face?

  3. Comments are always welcome. :)

    I can't make any promises about Misato though; I've been meaning to draw something substantial with her for a long time and nothing has yet to come of it.

  4. Who is Misato? Anyway, lucky Shinji, he's getting plenty of attention.