Saturday, 29 November 2014

Colours? Say it isn't so!

For a request in /d/.

EDIT: Completed version.


  1. Nice one ! If you take request I humbly propose : younger sibling (boy or futa) stoling the girlfriends of his older brothers, because he/shi has a so much bigger cock.
    Of course, even if you don't do that, anything you do his a wonderfull present !

  2. Hey wow! I am the guy who asked for this! Thank you so much! Say is there any way I could contact you? I have some questions. Maybe a collaboration? I write futa stuff. Have you heard of futadom world? I started it. Either way thanks so much for this. Sorry I did not thank you at first. Did not see that you had done it.

  3. I like to think this is the Goddess in her younger days, before her shrine was abandoned.