Monday, 21 January 2019

Patron Requests Jan 2019

Starting these up again, but keeping the content of the votes outside of the Patreon this time.

I'm not counting votes you make here on the blog by the way. ;)

A guy gets turned into a woman from a spell in an old witch book; then two hung futa walks in and then sees an opportunity in front of them.

Teen futa with smaller normal sized dick fucked by a futa-milf in a private religious school.

A boy hitchhikes on a lonely stretch of road at night. He's picked up by a futa semi-truck (lÄngtradare) driver. They make love in the sleeper compartment (behind the driver compartment) of the truck.

Very butch futa in a nice suit takes a very femme futa in a beautiful dress out dancing. They go to the bathroom to have a quickie, and it turns into a small orgy.

Futamom scolding her son for only making her cum twice that day.

Goddess [from Temple of the Morning Wood] in her past glory days with her loyal followers.

Trap explorers discover tribe of Amazonian futa. Tribe throws them a welcome party that evolves into a wild orgy. Everyone has a great time and the tribe is delighted the explorers end up wanting to stay.

Two friends (boys) and some (3-5) futa girls are sitting in a hottub in a public waterpark. One boy leaves (to get something to eat, maybe) and the futas move a little closer to the other boy. He gets a bit uncomfortable and looks down, and notices the futa's bulges. The futas start touching the boy. The boy is gangbanged by all the futas.

A mother fail on trying to convince her 2 boys to like their new step-futamom. But the step futa mother, managed to do it after a threesome with the boys.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6 (December Update)

Early delivery, because I figured it's better to get it out now instead of on New Years.

I'm really looking forward to drawing the next few pages. While I have seen the fetish illustrated before, it definitely qualifies as rare. What could it be? Stay tuned to find out (in late January)!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Pornstar (Final Page)

 Everyone fucked happily ever after. The end.

This one was a lot of work and wore me out a bit, but I'm happy with the result.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Family Time 2: 5 & 6

Finally some incest! It's been almost two weeks since the last time, and that woman didn't have a dick!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6 (November Update)

"Haha, what the hell am I drawing?" is a thought I get sometimes with Temple of the Morning Wood. This was one of those times.

This is the first time the goddess has appeared in colour in the comic since the second chapter (and that one half-coloured panel on page 61 in the fourth one). I still intend to remake chapter 2, and at the very least the "invasion" part of 4, which should be considered non-canonical for now.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Bonus Picks from Request Lotteries & Polls

Here is a list of patron requests that I will draw once there is time. Not necessarily in the order posted, and most will not be in colour. If there is incest in it, it will NOT be posted on the Patreon.

Some of these almost won in the polls, but most are requests I picked back when we were still doing lotteries.

Fantasy Setting: Masculine male soldiers/guard/paladins w/e, responding to claims of monster attacks assaulted by said fantasy monsters. Futa obvs.

Family's at the beach, superbly hung mom and daughter argue dick size, make son choose whose is best

A guy looking at all the male slaves at the market like "I really want one but my friends will think I'm gay." And his friends are thinking that he should just buy the cute guy on the left.

Futa sex ED for boys.  Basically the futa administration of the school are using the class as an excuse to fuck them but the boys think/treat it like it is a real class.

A businessman, attempting to give a report at a meeting, is rudely interrupted by his futa boss having her way with him in front of all his colleagues.

Teen futa plays with her Futa-Barbie and Sissy-Ken dolls, becomes aroused and makes her brother suck her off.

Father and Futa mother spitroast trap son in a schoolgirl outfit.

Futa students study in a library while their boyfriends suck them off.

A Group of the Futa-Centaurs from TotMW frolicking in a meadow (with guys strapped under them) and a free human talking to one of the centaurs, something along the lines of "Do you take volunteers?" or "Where do I sign up for the next round?"

Image of a bustling Futa society where no clothes are worn but rather men used as cocksleeves are considered the normal attire. Focus can be laid on two futa's comparing their latest attire.

Horse cocked futa queen wearing one of her servants (men and women) as a cock sleeve while she sits her throne. Have a few in the background anticipating and talking.

Futa pirate crew boarding a male vessel and roughly fucking them.

Topless jungle dickgirls with nipple rings wearing loincloths that barely cover their cocks. They've never seen a male and find a lost boy. They strip him naked and compare packages.

A boy sneaks into the futas locker room after gym class to spy on them, but the futa gym coach catches him, she decides the best punishment is a gangbang.

Futa sorceress testing the effects of her new batch of love potions on her young male apprentice, to great success.

Son sitting (or bouncing) on his mom's "lap" on a bus, while trying to keep others from finding out what they're really doing!

Famous futa youtuber makes a new video of how to properly train male family members. She uses her brother for demonstration. First is about deep throat. Next time is anal. Subscribe! :)

Gym staff sexually service futas in a steam bath or sauna.

More futanari infection by cum.

Futa sorority girls have a Boy Toy Party

Futa sister wins a wrestling match with her brother and proceeds to fuck him.

70s-style key party, but with futa moms and sons.

Young guy caught masturbating by futa aunt, she proceeds to fuck him and then mommy walks in and is horrified by the sight then the aunt takes her aswell.

Futa bride takes her husband's son to bed instead on the wedding night, while husband is allowed to watch.

Futa Nurse takes the temperature from a patient the old fashioned way, she notices that he has a fever, so she must inject the "medicine" to make him healthy again.

Planet Futa needs men / Futa aliens abducting guys.

Dwarf Futa mercenary rams an Elf femboy barwench in the middle of a tavern.

Student visits Futa Teachers home for private Lessons, as they sit next to each other the Teacher gets a boner through her Skirt, then she asks the Student if he wants to learn how humans mate.

A boys' choir version of the orchestra where the futas are fucking their asses to make them scream/squeal/moan/etc...

Brother peeps on his futa sister and her friends' slumber party, gets caught, and is forced to join in their erotic activities.

Nerd male in bedroom, programming a futa robot with his computer for a presentation at school. He accidentally triggers the rough assfuck mode. He calls her futa sister for help... but 30 words already! :)

Futa mom with Garter belt (Shoulder long hair ) finds her son passed out / sleeping on the couch in the living room and decides to mount him, she cums inside ( x-ray vision for us )

Futa cheerleaders fuck mascots in the middle of homecoming game at half time.

Brother catches his futa sister autofellating herself and decides to help out.

An exceptionally long-dicked futa creates a "human centipede" of three people, and fucks them all the way through.

Strict Futa mom doing her motherly duty and turning her son into a human cocksleeve (All the way through) and she's not being nice about it.

Younger Hung Sister / Older Cute Brother.   Little sister insistent on how she's going to both marry, and knock up her older brother when she gets older.  Pouty determined dickings when he tells her both those things can't happen.

After-game orgy on the soccer pitch between the all-futa and all-boy teams. The futas won the game and are naturally dominant.

How about a gaming tournament but instead of a normal game it's boys sucking futa dicks like joy sticks.

After breaking both arms in a skiing accident, futa mom is attended to by her son and futa daughter, who ride her cock and fuck her, respectively.

Superhero training her new sidekick on how to use his ass to distract the villains

Futa mom and sister spitroasting the brother

Nurse making young men sit on large dildos for 'medically necessary reasons' (cause she likes to)

Two futas relaxing in a sauna while hilted deep inside of their sons' asses.

Guy brings girlfriend home to meet his futa mother. Mom and girlfriend hit it off quickly, and soon start fucking, the son eventually fucking his mom's pussy while she fucks his girlfriend.

Can I ask for a nonsex thing?  I'd like a futamom tucking in her son.  He might have cum all over  his face and he might just be happy and sleeping

A super sweet, romantic breeding session between a futaxfemale married couple. The female is somewhat short and chubby while the futa is really tall and ripped.

After getting married it's tradition for the new husband to get shared with the futa family members of age.

Futanari mom seduces son's friend in lingerie (while they play a pen & paper game) and baits him into her private room to have sexy time (he sneaks out so nobody notices)

Futa reading book, maybe describing a plot twist. With guy bouncing on top of her either concentrating on his work or discussing book with her

Futa spiderman in a vault at the bank, hanging by her dick from the ceiling thanks to her gooey cum. Next to her, thieves with gaped ass in liters of cum, ahegao face. Police chief looking at the scene, baffled.

Mother visits a doctor with her sick son ( Futa doctor ) The doc take the temperature both ways with her special thermometer, the mother gets jealous and pretends to be ill as well (the next day)

Boys have a sleepover, playing games etc, at night on the boys wakes up to go to the toilet, he suddenly hears soft moans from the parents room - he sneaks a peek and sees the mother taking his friend.

At the all-futa office party, the boss offers the use of her son as a "bonus" for doing such good work.

A sequel to the image where a mommy comes to his son's school to give him his "breakfast". The obedient boy sucks his futa mom and drinks her milk in front of the class full of other students - mainly female/futa. Perhaps the teacher and/or other kids can get involved afterward.

Adventurer confronted by a tauric-sphinx must answer her riddle correctly or die. "Who's got two thumbs and wants my XXL lion cock?"

Girlfriend (non-futa) cheats and dumps boyfriend. Then a futa sees him  all sad and depressed and decided to comfort him the best way she knows. And they lived happily ever after.

Pair of futa succubi out for a meal and stumble upon a birthday party and decide to wait till night to give the birthday boy a congratulatory fucking bloating him with cum.

A Shy single mom hears her son dream about his hot Amazoness Futa principal have her way with him for 50th time since the start of school, on the last day of school he gets called to her office, his mother surprised him with the principal giving him what he wants as she always wanted him to herself.

Futa mom takes penis enlargement pills, and when she fucks her son she's suddenly all the way through. She fucks her daughter with the tip of her cock.

Futa police officers catch a group of boys in the act of robbing a shop. At the station the boys phone their moms, when the moms show up the police are already fucking the boys so the futa moms decide to join in.

62 A [Shared place (will get 2 pages each)]
The parent's anniversary, and, though their twin futas are "too old" for babysitters, they get one (fem) anyways. They turn the tables on her, though, leading to a fun night!
62 B A group of students gets lost in the Amazon rainforest and discovers an uncontacted futa tribe, lots of breeding ensues. When other scientists find the tribe decades later, it is MUCH larger.


As you can imagine, this will take me a while. Patron requests are also a priority over anonymous requests, for obvious reasons (imagine the opposite..!).

Friday, 16 November 2018

Pornstar (Page 1)

"Boy is forced by his 2 non futa moms to do porn with 3 big black cocked women as a femboy after refusing to go to college, the boy soon likes it and becomes a femboy porn star to thousands of futas all over the world."

Here's the first page, posted here because I don't feel like dealing with more suspensions. The rest haven't been drawn yet, but they will appear first on the Patreon.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Pizza Boy Delivery

"Boy delivers pizza to a bunch of futa girls having a party. Futa girl who opens the door asks if the boy was expecting a tip, so she orders him on his knees and shoves her big "tip" in his mouth. He is then taken inside to be banged by all the futa girls."

Winning request from back in July. Larger resolution available on Patreon, where it was posted a while ago.

Next up is the August winner:
"Boy is forced by his 2 non futa moms to do porn with 3 big black cocked women as a femboy after refusing to go to college, the boy soon likes it and becomes a femboy porn star to thousands of futas all over the world."

To play it safe, I'll avoid posting the page featuring the mothers on the Patreon, but the rest of it goes up there at least a week before it can be found here, as usual.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The D

Just a quickie. I felt like drawing something less consensual as it had been a while.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6 (October Update)

Delivered on time, once again!

Most of the work on these pages was spread out over the entire month instead of just the last week, and it's definitely the better way to handle things.

Goteh's son, Nephthys' son (seen in the last panel above) and the guy who crawled inside Mecli's butt at the beginning of the chapter all have curly, short hair, but hopefully it's noticeable enough that they are very different curls... in hindsight, maybe Goteh's son should have had the same type of eyes/eyebrows as his father. Maybe he'll develop them as he grows older.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Family Time 2:6 (Principal Flashback B)

The second and last panel of the flashback. I want to do more with the principal at some point though.

Along with Penetrating Lecture, this series has until now constituted the "Monthly Art" on the Patreon. While this one should be fine to post on there (once I get unsuspended), it is part of a story that for the most part is not, so I am a bit conflicted on what to do with them in the future. Maybe one Penetrating Lecture entry (which takes longer to draw) every other month and something more softcore the rest of the time?

I fully intend to finish both series, either way.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6 (September Update)


Back to my favoured shading method. Also another colour panel, because those are cool.

Huh. My Patreon account was suspended again. This time there was a warning ahead of time to give a chance to correct the issue, but I am not good at checking my email, so I missed it. What exactly is wrong this time is frustratingly vague though, whereas last time around it was clear enough (nudity or the implication of nudity on the banner for my page). Possibly the Sleepover Raiders comic was too "rapey", given when the suspension was made, but I do not know yet.

It might be time to move on to just posting all the actual art here and using Patreon exclusively for patron benefits like voting and making requests. Maybe the occasional "safe" drawing...

EDIT: Patreon is no longer a suitable platform to upload much of what I draw, so from now all the really spicy stuff will only be found on this blog and my page on Hentai Foundry. The Patreon page will still see lighter material though, in which case it will remain exclusive to patrons for some time (maybe a month) before I post it elsewhere.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Sleepover Raiders

"Boy stays at a friend overnight. Futa sister and futa mom lift their son's friend to the master bedroom in his sleep. The sister wakes him up by shoving her cock in his mouth, and the mom spreads his legs and impales his ass to spitroast the boy."

It's been a week since it was posted on the Patreon, so here is the winner of the June polls.

EDIT:The monthly TotMW update will be a couple days late.

Friday, 14 September 2018

All the Way Through the Birthday Boy

I made another quick all-the-way-through scenario, this time featuring a mother and her (unfortunate?) son. These two fetishes combined is actually a first for me, weird as that may sound.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Temple of the Morning Wood; Chapter 6 (August Update)

Phew! Here's 5 more pages. I might have had them ready a day earlier, but adding colour to that one panel felt worth a slight delay.

The lines are a bit sharper, since I've basically switched to using software made in the same decade as my hardware.

I'll be busy with some personal stuff for the next few days so the next post might be a while.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Family Time 2: 5 (Principal Flashback A)

A flashback to one of the older daughter's experiences with the principal she mentioned way back here. One more addition to this scene (futa on futa), then it's back to the living room with her mother.

The next update to Temple of the Morning Wood is somewhat delayed and will be posted on Sunday (or Monday).

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Taste the Magic

"Futa mom witch casts love spell on her son and best friend and joins in their fuck session"

Old bonus pick finally delivered, posted to the Patreon a week ago. I didn't mention this on the blog yet, but the monthly Patreon request votes will be on a break until January, giving me some time to catch up on what's already in the queue. This means that there will be an increase in black and white / greyscale comics for a while.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Clip Studio Paint Practice

I recently bought Clip Studio Paint and in the process of trying to get used to it created this little thing. It had been quite a while since I drew all-the-way-through too, even though I enjoy it so much...

Also I'm really liking the program so far, especially the canvas rotation and the myriad of brush configurations. Drawing the above felt easy and was a real joy.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Office Position

"Futa Office Lady has an important meeting, her co-worker sits under the table and sucks her dick through her ripped Pantyhose, she cums in his mouth while she's talking."

Cut to next week's meeting, when Bob has joined his co-worker under the table.

This was an old bonus pick, and is one of my favourite settings in general (sex work in an office). I haven't drawn many pantyhose before though.

I also tried to use a thicker brush for the lines and it worked out pretty well.